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Situated east of South Salem High School next to the athletic field and track, Clark Creek flows north heading to Pringle Creek. Beginning in 2012, neighbors have teamed with the students at South Salem High School to restore native vegetation and the shade canopy. To date, 24 trees and 127 native plants have been planted, including Oregon White Oak, Douglas Fir, Big Leaf Maple, Red Flowering Currant, Snowberry, Mock Orange, and Oregon Grape.

Neighbors, students and community members participated in the planting. Monitoring of the plants continues. Occasional watering is required in the summer until the root systems are established. Working with South Salem High School, volunteers water in June, July and August. We foresee a day when Oregon White Oaks, Big Leaf Maples, Incense Cedar will again shade this segment of the creek, improving the appearance of the community, aquatic temperatures and water quality.

The cooperative participants include members of the Creekside Rotary Club, South Salem High School (SSHS) Environmental Club, students in the advanced IB Biology Class, SSHS Leadership Club, South Salem High School teacher Dottie Knecht, Athletic Director Paul Sell; Chemeketan Margaret Saxe; Carl “Ken” Hetzel, member of Pringle Creek Watershed Council, and SCAN. Funding for the plants came from an educational grant from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Students have presented the project at the Willamette University Science Fair.

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